Longspan Racking

Here at Filplastic we’ve been designing and installing racking systems for clients across multiple industries for years. No matter what your storage requirements are, we can help create the ideal solution for your business. We can combine a number of different racking solutions including pallet racking and pigeon hole racking and can even help your business expand with a new mezzanine floor.

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Longspan Racking FAQs

What is longspan racking?

Longspan racking is a convenient, heavy duty storage system for hand loaded items and can be used in a variety of locations from warehouses to stockrooms. They are constructed of metal frames and beams which come in a variety of sizes to suit different application requirements and popular decking materials include chipboard and solid steel panels.

What is longspan racking used for?

Longspan racking is ideal when products are handled manually rather than with a forklift truck, this makes them ideal solutions for smaller items stock that need to be accessed regularly and quickly. Longspan can also be adapted for specific applications such as door storage.

What is the weight limit for longspan racking?

The beam loading capacity is generally less than pallet racking, although most weight loadings are available. Our rivet racking solutions can hold from 230kg to 300kg per level, however we can create a custom shelving solution based on your requirements.


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