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2 tier mezzanine floor installation

Here at Filplastic we provide an end to end solution for all mezzanine flooring projects, from an initial site visit to a completed installation, we’re here to help. Our mezzanine flooring solutions are made from high quality materials and our years of experience on a range of projects and industries make us the right choice for your expansion. View a selection of our latest mezzanine floor installations.

Our mezzanine flooring solutions can be used for a variety of purposes including:

Freestanding Floors

Freestanding floors are an ideal solution to increase floor space within your business. By making use of unused headroom we can not only increase the available work space, but also release valuable ground floor space to increase storage capacity onsite. Freestanding mezzanine floors are a cost-effective alternative to relocating premises when you’ve run out of floor space.


Rack Supported Floors

If you’re looking for additional racking space, rack supported flooring creates an additional level of storage above existing racking space. A popular choice is to use pigeon hole racking to support the floor used alongside standard pallet racking.


Staircases & Pallet Gates

To accompany all our mezzanine flooring solutions, we also supply an extensive range of staircases and pallet gates to meet your business requirements and also building regulations.


Step by step guidance

Why not let Filplastic take the stress out of planning your mezzanine floor. Our step by step process will guide your project from start to finish, taking advantage of our teams’ expertise and years of experience to ensure the project runs smoothly. Our process is highlighted below:

  1. Initial Contact – Get in touch with our sales team on 01430 410450 or simply fill in the online enquiry form.
  2. Site Visit – A member of our project management team will visit your site to discuss your requirements and specification and advise on the best solution for your project.
  3. Site Survey – If additional technical information is required, your assigned project manager will visit to confirm all requirements.
  4. CAD Designs – Our in-house CAD team will create detailed plans for the proposed project, considering building regulations, health and safety and any bespoke requirements.
  5. Quotation – Based on all information provided and our draft designs, we will provide a no-obligation quotation for your project.
  6. Installation – Once ordered, our experienced installation team will arrange everything needed to have your project completed within 3-4 weeks.


To begin planning your project simply give us a call with the size of mezzanine flooring you require or fill in the online form below and we’ll get back to you asap. Alternatively, explore our mezzanine flooring FAQs below for more information on popular questions about mezzanine floors.


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Mezzanine Flooring FAQs


What is mezzanine flooring?

A mezzanine floor is a raised platform within a building with a high ground floor ceiling and is supported by steel columns, which partially spans a buildings floor space. Mezzanine floors can be used for a wide variety of purposes across multiple industries from additional storage to extra office space.


How much will a mezzanine floor cost?

Prices for mezzanine flooring depend largely on the required size and design required. We are happy to provide a no obligation quotation based on an initial site survey, contact our sales team on 01430 410450 or simply fill in the contact form and we’ll be in touch to arrange everything.


What are the benefits of a mezzanine floor?

The single biggest benefit of installing a mezzanine floor is to increase your working space without having to consider moving premises, which can be very time consuming and costly. Whether you need additional storage in your warehouse or need additional office space, a mezzanine floor is an ideal cost-effective solution. Some uses of mezzanine flooring are:

  • Storage space
  • Office Space
  • Canteens
  • Workrooms
  • Production Areas


How do I maximise space with a mezzanine floor?

Depending on how you are planning to use your mezzanine flooring, at Filplastic we will help you plan and design every aspect to best suit your requirements. Our in-house # CAD team will create a plan of your mezzanine floor area and our project managers can advise on the best storage solutions to maximise storage space.

We have a range of solutions to not only maximise space usage on your mezzanine flooring, but also beneath it. With rack supported flooring we can ensure the space you have available is used efficiently with both pigeon hole ranking and pallet racking being popular choices.


Do I need planning permission for a mezzanine floor?

In most cases you do not need planning permission from the local authority to install a mezzanine floor. The only instances where you may need to obtain planning permission include:

  • If a previous condition attached to the building prohibits the installation
  • If the mezzanine flooring would exceed 200m2 and is for retail space
  • If the size of the mezzanine floor exceeds one-third of your current floor space
  • If the external appearance of the building will be altered by the installation

Our project managers will be able to advise you on if planning permission may be required and help with any paperwork necessary.


What are the building regulations for mezzanine floors?

The installation of a mezzanine floor is covered by The Building Regulations 2010 for England & Wales, there are 4 parts that are required for mezzanine flooring:

  1. Approved Document A: Structure
  2. Approved Document B: Fire Safety volume 2
  3. Approved Document K: Protection from falling, collision & impact
  4. Approved Document M: Access to and use of buildings volume 2

As part of the service from Filplastic we will ensure your new mezzanine floor is designed in compliance with all necessary building regulations.


How long will it take to install a mezzanine floor?

Once ordered, our expert installation team aim to have your mezzanine floor built and installed within 3-4 weeks. We aim to keep the disruption to your business to a minimum and will arrange a suitable time to carry out the installation.

All the team at Filplastic are fully qualified to install mezzanine flooring and fully comply with all relevant health & safety regulations whilst working on-site. Our installation team are fully insured and have the relevant CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card for the work they carry out.


Will installing a mezzanine floor affect my business rates?

Changes to business rates will depend on the main function of your mezzanine flooring. If the additional space is solely used for storage it generally does not affect your business rates, however if the space is being used for additional offices then it may be affected. Our project management team can advise on any impact to business rates, alternatively you can check with your local council if the installation could increase your costs.


Filplastic are proud to be a SEMA distributor

SEMA is the leading authority on the safe design, installation & use of storage equipment manufactured an supplied by its members. SEMA work in partnership with the Healthy and Safety Executive and Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

All Filplastic installations are carried out by SIERS installers and use SEMA materials & equipment so you can be reassured your installation will comply with Health & safety Regulations & CDM Regulations.

As a SEMA distributor our installations are:

  • Independently audited
  • Adhere to key standards
  • Storage solutions meet codes of practice

At Filplastic we understand your requirements and are client focused and more importantly we offer safely constructed and creatively cost saving solutions.



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