Small Parts Storage and Plastic Containers

Whatever your requirement, we've got the plastic container to suit your needs. Our loadhog plastic storage containers are our best seller and come with an attached lid.  They are made in the UK, and are heavy duty for industrial use. They can be made secure with a tie wrap to keep the contents safe and "tamper proof" in transit.

The Bale Arm Logistics Crate is food grade approved and available in a range of colours and our stacking boxes are a great storage solution. We also offer a range of gratnell's trays for schools and workshops.

We hold over 30,000 plastic parts bins and shelf bins in stock as well as a range of small parts storage options such as our vision blocks, a variation of compartment organisers, louvre panels as well as our tilt & view bins. Our small parts storage range is great for those looking to store screws, nails, parts and craft items.

If you need help finding the right option, please contact our UK based sales team on 01430 410450 or email