Giant Loadhog HogBox Bulk Container 1000x575x540mm (190L)

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Huge 190 Litre Hogbox attached lid container with integrated pallet feet.

Made in the UK!

The HogBox is the only stackable/nestable bulk container of its kind. The HogBox can be used as an individual bulk storage container, but is even more efficient as an end-to-end transit system for which it was created.

Seals are available to buy separately;

Zip Lock (tie wrap) style seal buy here

  •     No pallet required
  •     Built-in pallet feet allow movement using standard equipment
  •     Bulk container provides large volume  (190 litre / 100kg payload)
  •     Stackable when full and nestable when empty
  •     Temperature resistant from -20° to +40°
  •     Multiple locations for barcodes and labels
  •     Lids can be "locked" when in transit with a tie wrap (not supplied)
  •     Can be printed, call for a quote 01430 410450
  •     External Dimensions (open): 1000 x 575 x 540mm
  •     Internal Dimensions (open): 900 x 500 x 400mm
  •     Made from high impact polypropylene co-polymer
  •     Payload: 100kg
  •     Stacking Load: max 450kg
  •     Capacity 190 Litres
  •     Item weight: 12kg
  •     Nesting height 110mm

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