Single Tier Locker Pod

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Locker pods are a fantastic way to maximise the number of lockers when space is at a premium.

Choose from a 7 seed pod, or an 11 seed pod. All the lockers are 1780mm high.  The overall diameter of the pods is 1020mm and the depth of each "seed" is 460mm.

7 Seed Pod (7 compartments) 
Each seed 1780mm x 460mm deep. The front of the locker measures 460mm tapering down to 65mm at the back.

11 Seed Pod (11 compartments)
Each seed 1780mm x 460mm deep. The front of the locker measures 305mm tapering down to 50mm at the back.

Typically if you use static locker pods you can house 22% more lockers (than traditional lockers), and this increases to 165% more when using a rotating base as the lockers can be situated very close to each other.

Modern silver body with a choice of door colours. A black plastic centre sealing cap is included. Each door lock has a holder to insert a card for on site numbering (cards not included). Each compartment is fitted with a cam lock with 2 keys. The lock has a micro sprung 10 disc lock featuring a massive 3000 serial combinations.

Easy self assembly. UK made. Active Coat antibacterial technology (99.9% reduction of MRSA, e-coli and bacteria).
Meets: BS 4680:1996

Optional Extras:
Sloping canopy
360 degree Rotating base & handle


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